How it Works

How Accountanto works

Professional Accounting and Tax experts are just a click away!

Right from bookkeeping, accounting to tax assistance, get everything sorted with our customized end-to-end bookkeeping, payroll and taxation services.

Partnered with the best accounting and tax software in the industry: QuickBooks Desktop/QuickBooks Online, Zoho, Xero, TaxWise and Lacerte. Our services will be the best solutions, for all your financial bookkeeping, payroll management, and tax concerns!

Drive your business with our customized financial solutions!

Getting your financials in order, in one place, is just going to get better with our host of services. Our accounting and tax services ensure that you have your company’s complete financial health profile, crucial financial benchmarks and all important key elements readily available at a single click!

Our customized accounting and tax solutions, assist people across all verticals!

Whether you are a startup or a small business owner, we understand the need to cater to the unique you! Each business vertical has its own dynamics and our team understands that.

Catering to the unique needs of each industry, our accounting team helps you to learn how much funds you have, your other non-cash assets in hand, your immediate liabilities etc.

Other than this know-how, we offer customized reports that cater to the specific needs of your investors, lenders and other financial stakeholders.

We will take care of

  • Month and year end reconciliations
  • Custom charts of all your accounts
  • Revenue recognition (on accrual or cash basis)
  • Timely delivery of accurate financial reports

Intimidated by all the tax related paperwork? Don’t worry, our tax experts do more than tax filing!

Tax filing is often a laborious task during the season that's why our tax experts and CPAs equip you with a few tax basics.

Our accounting and tax teams will closely work with you to understand the tax specifics that matter in your business. Right from the start, on a Monthly and Quarterly basis, they keep the reports tax compliant so that at the end of the year, you and your business stay tax-wise, literally!

We work with some of the efficient tax softwares like TaxWise, ATX, Lacerte to ensure we give you the best. However, if need be, we are open to work with any tax software of your choice, as well.

We will take care of

  • Prepare and file all your Federal, State and city tax forms
  • Calculate your business deductions and credits, to maximize your savings
  • Perform asset depreciation
  • Track and classify all of your business expenses over the tax period
  • Provide Audit assistance
  • Create K-1 forms to partners( LLC)
  • Review IRS notice and respond

To help you have a flourishing business, we need just 30 minutes of your time. That’s more than enough for us:

  • To understand your business dynamics and growth milestones
  • Your current bookkeeping, payroll and tax issues
  • Your daily time spent in regular bookkeeping and payroll management
  • Your current choice of accounting and tax services and the cost incurred

Once our financial consultant knows you on these lines, we will be able to serve you a better accounting and tax plan! click on get started button to schedule a chat with one of our consultants and get started!

Whether startup or a small business, our accounting team will help you to manage your business better!

Our accounting team will ensure that you are relieved from the time-consuming job of bookkeeping, payroll and taxation. While they do the boring bit of work, you do the innovative!

Frame business strategies and execute the actual business! Our team will ensure they leave no stone unturned in your path to success!

Our accounting team help you to organize your business transactions, keep your accounts up-to-date, keep you abreast of your financial status and help you make smart business plans! Our comprehensive reports will help you stay financially smart and active, all the time.